Dormancy: how we interrupt it on kiwifruit, table grape, cherry, peach and nectarine

Stimulate bud breaking (kiwifruit and grape), uniform flowering (cherry, peach and nectarine), increase the number of fruits, concentrate the harvest. In fruit growing, achieving these objectives means increasing production, quality and especially, earning more from plants. Here is how we can take the full advantage of bud’s potential.



On kiwifruit, grapevine, cherry, peach and nectarine, at the end of each vegetative cycle follows a phase called “dormancy”. In this phase, which begins with the leaves fall, the plant’s metabolism is arrested in order to survive during the unfavourable conditions that characterize the winter. After spending a period of time at low temperatures and accumulate the required chilling hours, a new cycle of vegetation can begin.

If the environmental conditions of winter are not favourable and plants have difficulties to accumulate the required chilling hours (frequent conditions in the entire Mediterranean basin and all the sub-tropical and tropical areas), the bud differentiation may be incomplete, resulting in:

  • insufficient and irregular sprouting, with high management difficulties;
  • low number of flowers and consequently loss of production;
  • uneven flowering, which results in non-optimal pollination of kiwi;
  • uneven ripening of the fruits, causes a prolongation of harvest time and cost.



BLUPRINS® is a concentrated gel specially designed to break the dormancy of kiwifruit, grapes, cherry, peach and nectarine, favouring an optimal vegetative reawakening. Thanks to the content of amino acids, polysaccharides and calcium, BLUPRINS® mimics the effect of cold exposure and stimulates the metabolic reactivation of the buds, determining:

  • reduction in the number of non-bursting buds;
  • advance and uniform bud breaking;
  • uniform flowering, better fruit setting and maturation
  • increase in the number of fruits and bunches.

BLUPRINS® exclusive formulation makes it a safe product that poses no danger to the user’s health.



BLUPRINS® must always be associated to its activator BLUACT