Six Biolchim special fertilizers have been approved for organic farming in Germany by FiBL

Recently six Biolchim products have been approved for use in organic agriculture in Germany by the certification organization FiBL.

FiBL is an independent research institute that works together with farmers for the advancement of science in the field of organic agriculture.

FiBL is the main certification body in Germany, known for the very high standards that requires for certification.

These approvals represent an important result providing Biolchim a wider range of products that have gained certification for use in organic agriculture and allow growers to meet the requirements of the market, more and more oriented towards sustainable and high-quality production.

The FiBL certified products are:

  • BetaB: metabolic enhancer of flowering and fruit set;
  • FYLLOTON: biostimulant of vegetative growth based on vegetal amino acids and seaweed;
  • CREMALGA: biostimulant of fruit setting and fruit growth based on seaweed cream;
  • PROTAMIN GR, PROTAMIN 7.14, PROTAMIN 7.5.14: innovative solid biostimulants based on hydrolyzed gelatin for agricultural use.

The six registered products represent a complete range of technical solutions that can satisfy the needs of organic growers in Germany and Europe.