Past, present and future at the 10th Biolchim’s convention

“There is no favourable wind for the sailor who does not know where to go.”

In the words of Lucio Anneo Seneca, historical Roman philosopher, is enclosed the leitmotif of the 10th Biolchim’s convention, held from the 30th of January to 1st of February 2019 in Villanova di Castenaso (BO) Italy, in the large conference hall of the Living Place Hotel.

The event, with an international status, brought together the entire team of technicians, agents, export and country managers, who came to Italy from all over the world to retrace Biolchim’s success story, analyse the accomplishments achieved in today’s market and above all to look forward with ambition to the future.



To kick off the tenth Biolchim’s Convention was the show by Erica Abelardo: one of the best sand artists in Italy. Thanks to the images modelled in the sand by the artist’s hands, the spectators were able to relive the most important moments of the recent history of the Group.

Ten years after the entry of the new management team, Biolchim has been able to look with satisfaction at the long road travelled and the many accomplishment achieved, alongside of the producers all over the world. Always present and strong in the strings of the Company are the profound bond with the agriculture, the spirit of Research and Innovation, the will to achieve new successes.



The Convention was opened by Leonardo Valenti, CEO of the company. In his speech, the Biolchim’s CEO analysed the current situation of the biostimulant market, highlighting the importance of the work to have a clear vision of the objectives. In Valenti’s words:

“The growth of the biopromotors sector attracts new players and new competitors every day. We at Biolchim are pioneers in this market and we always want to be better at seizing opportunities, exchanging information and experiences and collect the farmers’ needs, with the aim of finding effective and reliable solutions to the agronomic problems and objectives.”




Therefore, the exchange of experiences was not lacking with the contribution of important speakers. With Mr. Giuliano Donati (Technical Manager of the OP Granfrutta Zani), Mr. Francesco Fogolin (owner of the Tei Winefruit Company) and Mr. Patrizio Gasparinetti (senior agronomist member of Progettonatura), we spoke about three important Italian chains (fruit, blueberry and wine vine) where Biolchim’s solutions are nowadays permanently included in production protocols.

The interventions by the managers of Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, India, Australia, Germany, Hungary and China followed, leading the most significant success stories of 2018.

Last but not least, through an analysis of today’s fruit and vegetable markets, Mr. Renzo Piraccini (president of Macfrut) and Prof. Roberto della Casa (University of Bologna) explained the needs and the logics related to the distribution and consumption of fruits and vegetables in Italy and abroad.




Moreover, the convention was the perfect opportunity to communicate to the sales network the launch of T34 BIOCONTROL® and COESIL.

T34 BIOCONTROL® is a biological fungicide based on conidia of the fungus Trichoderma asperellum, T34 strain. This antagonist organism is able to colonise quickly the rhizosphere, where it prevents and blocks the establishment and development of pathogens, while promoting plant growth. Thanks to its composition, T34 BIOCONTROL®  allows to limit the use of plant protection products, reducing the risks of resistance development in pathogens.

COESIL is a tackifying wetting agent which, used in mixture with plant protection products, favours its absorption, improving its effectiveness. COESIL lowers the surface tension of the solution, allowing a more uniform wetting and reducing losses due to washout.