Biolchim supported and attended 2018 China Specialty Fertilizer International Conference (CIS)

2018 China Specialty Fertilizer International Conference (CIS) was held on 9th-10th June in Kunming City, Yunnan Province.

The conference was hosted by China agricultural magazine of AgriGoods Herald, sponsored by Biolchim and other fertilizers players.

The most important and known Chinese Agriculture Universities, Institutes and research centers, Biolchim group Asia & Pacific Sales Export Manager Dr. Michele Vitagliano, Biolchim China General Manager Ms. Niki Chen attended the conference.

Furthermore distributors, retailers, manufacturing enterprises and other players of the industry and more than 1500 participants were present at this important conference. In one and a half days conference there were 20 domestic and foreign experts gave valuable presentations on specialty fertilizer from technology to marketing and promotion.

On behalf of Biolchim, Dr. Michele Vitagliano gave the presentation with title of Amino acids and vegetal extraction technology, which shared the amino acids hydrolysis process, enzymatic hydrolysis and supercritical fluid extraction of Biolchim Group, it showed the advantage of Biolchim in the field of raw material preparation for biostimulants and received participants’ great attention and focus.

CIS is not only for China, but also the international conference for the whole world, it bring the resource and technology of specialty fertilizer enterprises from more than 20 countries (United States, Britain, German, Holland, Italy, Israel, Russia, Canada, Australia, Spain, South Africa, France, Belgium and Japan, et al.) together, and to push the development of the specialty fertilizer in China.