Biolchim and its strategic partner Disan partecipated at the seminar organized by ICA and ASOCOLFLORES in Bogotà

The meeting was addressed to technicians of colombian export flower producers

On March 29th, the ICA (public institution that regulates different aspects of the Colombian agribusiness) and ASCOFLORES (the association of flower producers for export markets) trained more than 350 technicians of the ornamental plants sector in Colombia. The ICA contribution focused on the regulation and the requirements at the base of flower production for export.

Biolchim and its strategic partner in Colombia, Disan, took part in the seminar presenting Biolchim specialties FOLICIST and FYLLOTON, two innovative bio-promoters of plant metabolism and development that meet the specific needs of flower cultivation.

Colombia exports flowers in more than 80 countries in the world and this sector represents the second agricultural product exported after coffee.



During the meeting, the representative of Biolchim in Colombia and the Disan team offered personal assistance to the technicians and advised on the correct and effective use of specialty fertilizers to increase flower production and quality.

Besides the importance of fertilization, the topics of the day included the commercialization with registered enterprises, the use of ICA-authorized products, the regulation, technical and quality requirements, control and prevention of pests and diseases that can affect flower cultivation.