2nd national workshop on biostimulants

Raise qualitative and quantitative profiles of crops, ensuring respect for the environment and human health. Biolchim’s research at the 2nd national workshop on biostimulants


On thursday 12th september 2019, researchers and sector experts gathered at the congress center of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Piacenza, with the aim to bring technical and scientific innovations to the agricultural sector.

More than 250 participants packed the university’s auditorium to learn about the regulatory aspects of biostimulants, listen to the latest research findings, and evaluate the benefits that biostimulants bring in different crops.

The event was sponsored by the SOI (Italian Ortoflorofrutticultures Society) and by the SICA (Italian Society of Agricultural Chemistry).



Biostimulants are a category of products that includes substances and microorganisms capable of modifying the agronomic response of crops through an increase in the bioavailability of nutrients in the soil, a greater efficiency in the use of nutrients, a better tolerance to abiotic stresses and an increase in the quality of the crops.

Their use in the various sectors of agriculture is booming and today there are numerous formulations available, with different characteristics and effects.

Applied to the plant by foliar application, by fertigation or by distribution to the ground, biostimulants represent an indispensable tool for modern agriculture, which seeks to combine excellent yields with maximum environmental sustainability.


Biostimulants are a category of products that includes substances and microorganisms capable of modifying the agronomic response of crops.


Provide farmers with truly innovative, effective, safe and sustainable solutions is the main objective of Biolchim. To succeed in this, the company invests energy and resources in research, study and selection of raw materials of plant origin with which it formulates its own biostimulants.

All that is behind Biolchim‘s nutritional specialties has been summarized and presented at the 2nd national biostimulants workshop by Ms Anna Fontana Ph.D, from the Product Management department.

During her speach, Biolchim’s spokesperson presented the processes that lead to the formulation of biostimulants, describing the phases of product development, the activity of experimentation in a controlled environment and the field tests conducted on a large scale.

Through the WIN Project (Worldwide Innovation Network), which is an international collaborative platform designed by Biolchim, the company has launched cutting-edge solutions such as FOLICIST, NOV@ and SUNRED: biostimulants recognized worldwide for their effectiveness.